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We develop, manufacture and market flexible 3D cell culture solutions.


300MICRONS GmbH is an SME seated in Karlsruhe, Germany, that develop, manufactures and markets flexible 3D cell culture solutions and products, for academic research and for industrial R&D, screening or production. The company was spun-off from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in 2015.

Core Product

300MICRONS’ core product are polymer film-based microcavity/-well arrays, which can be dense or porous. These are available integrated in the macroscopic wells of multiwell plates or culture inserts for high-content imaging and high-throughput screening applications; or to be inserted in the flow chambers of microfluidic bioreactors or organs on chips for perfused applications.

OEM Solutions

Apart from our own product lines, we provide OEM solutions on the basis of custom-specific microwell arrays, which can be integrated in the customer’s culture platforms.

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Technology & Applications

300MICRONS’ microwell arrays are produced using proprietary technology pioneered by its founders, which is based on microscale thermoforming of thin polymer films. The bottom of the microwells is typically formed into a round/U-shape with a thickness < 25 μm. The films are from proven and trusted (substrate) materials for cell culture such as polystyrene (PS) and polycarbonate (PC). The central microforming process can be combined with micro- or nanoscale patterned modifications of the film surface or bulk, which can be topographical, physical, chemical or biological. This allows, for instance, the enrichment of the cellular microenvironment within the microwells. Examples of such 3D film functionalization(s) are cylindrical micropores – enabling molecular diffusion, medium perfusion, and cell contacts, migration or invasion –, cell-instructive nanotopographies and cell-adhesive micropatches. The company’s microwell technology allows size- and position-controlled (co‑)culture of 3D aggregates, such as
  • spheroids
  • embryoid bodies
  • organoids
and thereby optimal (open-top) accessibility, addressability and observability of the aggregates. Furthermore, the technology allows epithelial and endothelial cell (mono)layer culture on biomimetically curved membrane surfaces/interfaces for advanced tissue barrier studies, and many more things. The application fields of 300MICRONS’ products in academia and industrial R&D include but are not limited to
  • fundamental (e.g., stem cell, cancer) research
  • tissue replacement, repair, regeneration (bioprinting, bottom-up tissue engineering)
  • bioartificial organs
  • organs on chips/microphysiological systems
  • pharmaceutical, nutritional, environmental toxicity (ADME-Tox, etc.) and efficacy testing (within 3R settings)
  • adult and embryonic stem cell and iPSC differentiation
  • clonal expansion
In case of interest, please contact us to together discuss and better understand how our products can support your application.
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Based on many years of experience in the field, 300MICRONS can help its customers concerning many 3D cell culture-technical aspects when setting up their biological application/bioassay using the company’s standard products. We can furthermore support new applications of our customers through the adaption of existing or the creation of customized products both regarding designs and materials.

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