300MICRONS is hiring 1 student assistant

300MICRONS GmbH is currently looking for 1 student assistant with a working time of approx. 10 hours/week. Within the scope of the project, customer demonstrators will be produced on a laboratory scale using of micro thermoforming systems. Polymer film-based products are used, for example, for high-throughput screening of cell cultures. The place of work is initially located at the KIT Campus-North, starting in advance. Presumably in the middle of 2018, the working place will be located in 76185 Knielingen, Daimlerstr. 35, which can easily be reached by public transportation. The stop (Siemensallee) is just a 5 min. walk away from the company site. Remuneration is based on the standard rates for research assistants (9.78 €/h without diploma, Bachelor’s degree 11.37 €/h, Master’s degree 15.14 €/h).
For further information please contact us: info@300microns.com.